ARCHER SLEDGE Logistics is a premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions including cash-in-transit. Our customers include financial institutions, retailers, government agencies (including central banks), mints, jewelers and other commercial operations around the world. Our global network serves customers in more than 20 countries. We have ownership interest in companies in 10 countries and agency relationships with companies in additional countries.

Who We are

ARCHER SLEDGE Logistics established its shipping office in 2015 in Sierra Leone. Soon after our initial customs office providing ad-hoc services to the Guinea, Ghana and U.K. ARCHER SLEDGE specialized in transporting gold, precious gems and high value goods internationally. The company grew rapidly with the enhanced abilities in dealing with customs globally and experience with different courier services gaining recognition within the industry.

ARCHER SLEDGE headquarters is located in Sierra Leone with 20 logistics offices in 10 countries, employing hundreds of professionals chosen for their abilities and experience to deliver high quality services for our customers. With increasing demands from our varied clients, ARCHER SLEDGE has developed tailor-made services as a unique selling point, setting us apart from the competition. Through years of experience, the company has gone through constant innovation in security procedures, import and export, customs support, event organization, international show support, supply chain, warehousing and logistics activities. The company offers quality service, timeliness, flexibility and responsiveness with accurate and customized solutions for high-value merchandise and commodities.

Our organization is a world leader in logistics services built upon a strong reputation and trustworthiness. We specialize in luxury, fashion and accessories and consider caring for the customers’ products during its service as the most important matter.


Our Values

ARCHER SLEDGE believes that ideas generate more ideas, involving more people who, in turn, are creators of new opportunities for growth. ARCHER SLEDGE incorporates a captivating and contagious enthusiasm in an ongoing effort to present new and comprehensive solutions for our clients.

We are people that trust other people.

ARCHER SLEDGE excels in developing relationships with stakeholders and customers globally, embracing knowledge and passion to overcome difficulties. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, see things from their perspectives and help them make the impossible possible.

At ARCHER SLEDGE, we build relationships.

Flexibility is at the heart of ARCHER SLEDGE quality system and, with this understanding established, attention towards customers, commitment, punctuality and maximum care is imperative to the constant flow. Our flexible thinking is just another way of saying respect; our customers’ wishes are our mandate.

Flexibility is the key to success.

Career Opportunities

In ARCHER SLEDGE, we build relationships.

ARCHER SLEDGE is one of the leading companies in security logistics solutions and operates in more than 10 countries.

ARCHER SLEDGE firmly believes that the key to winning the hearts of clients lies in “adding value” and emphasizes on high logistics service quality, timeliness, flexibility, responsiveness and accurate solutions to customers’ needs for their valuables and general merchandises.

In ARCHER SLEDGE, you will enjoy an immense range of exciting, rewarding and long term career opportunities with a global perspective.

If you are interested in discovering why ARCHER SLEDGE really stands out from the rest and wishes to join our family, submit your resume to us by clicking ‘Join Us’, indicating your interest on which of the functional groups listed below you would like to work in and your preferred country.

much to our success and help us sustain our leadership in the fast-paced secured logistics industry.

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