Precious Minerals

ARCHER SLEDGE, we understand how important speed of quote and service is for business customers trading in precious metals trade. Therefore, we concentrate on a fast response in order to help you retain that all important competitive advantage.

Therefore, we can offer a comprehensive inventory service that includes:

  • Daily reporting on stock positions
  • Full liability* for your stock held by ARCHER SLEDGE
  • Management throughout the supply chain from mine to end user by:
  • preparation of the shipment in accordance with your instructions
  • weighing according to industry standards
  • preparation of documents for letter of credit
  • storage, acceptance and release of shipment upon receipt of formal instructions
  • facilities for third party inspection and assaying



With so many parties involved in any one deal, often thousands of miles apart, our global network offers you real advantages:

  • Full liability* for your valuables
  • Worldwide inventory maintenance and tracking, through our integrated software
  • Shorter delivery times to your buyer through our secure storage facilities in local markets and Integrated local transportation