Assaying Services

ARCHER SLEDGE Logistics is amongst a handful of gold assaying services on-site at its facilities. We specialize in traditional Fire Assay Method, also known as the Cupellation Method, to determine the concentration of Gold. The technique uses Titration and Inductive Coupled Plasma or ICP to determine the purity of metals, with very high precision. X-ray Fluorescence is used to determine the elements present inside the alloys. ICP is also used to verify the purity of scrap gold that cannot be detected by fire assay due to influence of contamination group elements. It is also used to cross check the final product and results to determine chemical concentration and company waste chemical specifications for disposal or reuse.

ARCHER SLEDGE Logistics offers bespoke diamond and gold separation services to clients. Equipped with a state of the art refining department dedicated to treatment of material and diamond recovery, we offer the highest quality of inspection, transparency, and unmatched precision through every step of the process.

Our team specializes in using innovative techniques for diamond and gold separation services. Our solutions enable us to work loose the most stubborn designs and extract even the most intricately placed diamonds from gold and silver jewelry. Our services are ideal for individuals and jewelry makers seeking maximum payoffs and quick turnaround times.