Smelting Services

ARCHER SLEDGE most modern and best equipped to test Gold in the region with the largest capacity for evaluating and processing every type of both primary and secondary refinable material and equipped with effective and high quality technology and machinery with professional team to refine and produce 200 kilo bars of gold per day

We offer a full spectrum of smelting services to customers across the region.

We specialize in smelting gold and silver through Electric Induction Furnace. This environmentally friendly technique enables us to convert large lots of gold and silver into grain, or smaller category bars of various sizes and purity levels. Our expertise allows us to convert gold and silver according to the client’s request, while assuring the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

Our state of the art facilities coupled with our expertise enable us to simultaneously process huge lots of gold & silver while ensuring the highest quality standards and the shortest turnaround times at a very competitive premium.