Customers who wish to open a Account with ARCHER SLEDGE Logistics must submit the following documents:

  1. Valid Trade License – Minimum of 3 months before expiration
  2. Company Registration Documents
    – Memorandum of Association (and necessary amendments, if any) -Articles of Incorporation
    -Shares Certificate
  3. Passport Copy / Visa Page of the following:
    – Beneficial Owners / Shareholders – Authorized Signatory/ies- Person/s who will operate the account
  4. Latest Utility Bill or Tenancy Contract of the following:
    – Registered Address (as per the license)- Office/Principal Address (primary address where the business activity is performed)
  5. Board Resolution – stating the intention to open an account and its purpose, with information of the person who will operate the account.
  6. Bank Letter of Good Standing and/or Trade Reference Letter – please submit at least one of each
  7. 1000 USD

Important Information:

Kindly send the scanned copies of the required documents to for the initial assessment. We will advise you when to send notarized copies or present original for verification.
– The list above are basic minimum requirements, we may request for additional supporting documents if deemed necessary during the account opening procedure.
– Please be informed that documents and information including the company, shareholders, beneficial owners, and person/s who will operate the account are processed and checked against the World-Check Solutions  database and other third-party due diligence software and service providers as part of our compliance procedure.

– For further assistance and clarification, please contact the Compliance Department by phone at +23230733615 or by email at