Vaults & Facilities

ARCHER SLEDGE highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders.
All our vaults are strategically located in international Free Trade Zones or enjoy bonded status.

Vault Storage Specifications

Storage units available range from safety deposit boxes suitable for individuals all the way up to entire dedicated vaults customized to meet the most stringent requirements of banks, global corporations and financial institutions.

Precious Metals Storage and Facilities

Precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium are routinely stored in our specially designed vaults. The facilities incorporate a dedicated division providing a unique set of value-added services for those dealing in the purchase, sale and storage of bullion.

Our London facility is authorised by the members of the London Clearing Company and has LBMA approval for the weighing and inspecting of precious metals. Metals are stored in a manner that facilitates easy audit and rapid pick and pack if required. Metal can be allocated or unallocated.

Several of the facilities feature custom-designed secure inspection lounges and meeting rooms.

Warehousing Distribution

ARCHER SLEDGE provides warehousing and temporary storage at all main sites around the world. Inventory management, packing services and quality assurance services are done in-house at a single location to boost our efficiency and deliver quicker services to our customers. Working with some special commodities, we perform pest, hygiene, humidity and temperature control in the warehouse environment. Apart from security guards, full digital security 24-hour CCTV systems, barcode systems, racking/shelving systems are in place.


Distribution & Packaging Services

Each delivery we pick up is carefully packed and wrapped to ensure both the inner and outer layers of the shipment are protected. We use labelling technology to make sure each item is properly marked for recognition purposes, then bar-coding them for technical records. This increases the efficiency of our services and gives extra care and security to meet our customers’ needs.

Inventory Management, Assembly Services

Inventory management requires constant and careful evaluation of external and internal factors and control through planning and review. Hence, ARCHER SLEDGE has installed cycle count, annual stocktaking, online inventory monitoring, online ordering, EDI and a powerful warehouse management system (AS400) for better control over daily processes.

Assembly services play an important role as they illustrate the technical parts for ARCHER SLEDGE, these are the combinations from pick and pack, accessories insert (warranty card, manual, cd rom, etc.), watch straps and multi-commodity bundling.

At ARCHER SLEDGE  we offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities and work with a range of best-in-class software partners. Our state-of-the-art systems monitor and control all critical warehouse processes. They also provide support for transport and distribution operations and communicate with customs and other authorities. Moreover, unlike many of our competitors, our scale means we deploy a large number of these systems in any given year, you benefit therefore from this unrivaled experience and expertise.

Warehouse management systems record all events and activities in the receipt, handling and storage of products and orders in the warehouse or distribution center, including the location of inventory